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We design, install and start-up the most demanding and complicated systems, adapted to our Clients’ needs and to the specificity of the protected facility. Our portfolio includes water (including sprinkler-, drencher- and foam-based) and water mist fire-fighting systems. These installations extinguish fires in a quick and environmentally-friendly way, allowing to detect and signal them automatically and to automatically start the fire-fighting operations.



As for the water mist fire-fighting systems, we solely recommend AQASYS installations which, after installation at the Client’s, are verified in natural conditions reproduced on a 1:1 basis. Modern extinguishing systems using water mist (AQASYS) are highly economical and ecological, are applied in the buildings that require effective fire protection using minimum amounts of water and without chemicals (e.g. industrial, office, commercial buildings, server rooms, monuments or hotels).

The benefits of extinguishing using water mist:

  • it allows to extinguish a fire before it spreads, decreasing temperature and limiting air access to the source of fire,
  • effectively cools the equipment down and minimizes temperature spikes,
  • does not damage valuable items, because water drops are highly fragmented (up to the diameter of ca. 50-250 micrometers),
  • it does not conduct electricity, so it may be successfully used to protecting live equipment or in data processing centers,
  • by using high pressure, the fire-extinguishing process may take place effectively, without the need to turn the ventilation equipment off.


The modern AQASYS solution we offer has the CNBOP-PIB Technical Approval and the CNBOP-PIB, VdS and IBS Certificates. This solution has been tested on high-rise buildings, public utility buildings, garages, cable tunnels, transformers, gas turbines, industrial presses, technological equipment for the chemical and wood sectors and many others.



We know perfectly well the specificity of such buildings as shopping malls, warehouses, industrial plants, in which the possibility to limit fire-fighting to the fire zone is significant. In such buildings, we recommend the fire-fighting equipment that uses water - which is an easily available and economical fire-fighting agent.


As for fixed water fire-fighting installations, we offer:

  • sprinkler installations -  used for fighting fires in the first phase of occurrence thereof and preventing them from spreading. They are reliable, safe and automatic. They prevent fire and high temperature from spreading from the rooms on fire to other parts of the building and secure escape routes. Their main advantage is selective operation which allows to limit the fire-fighting operation to the fire zone (reduction of the damage caused by water).
  • drencher installations - applied for fire protection purposes in buildings and for cooling flammable technological equipment and facilities wherever you may expect fire to spread fast, e.g. in refineries, flammable liquid reservoirs, open-air transformers, mining equipment, cable tunnels, wood processing plants, airplane hangars, etc. Apart from the fire-fighting function, they may also play the role of protecting technological equipment against excessive heating and spreading of fire.
  • foam installations - widely applicable in extinguishing the fires of solid or liquid substances. As a result of adding a specific, constant (in terms of percentage) amount of the foam-forming agent, we arrive at a very effective agent for extinguishing fire. Fire-fighting foam helps where water may not be used to extinguish a fire. Our offer includes systems with light foam (filling even very large production halls or warehouses in just several minutes), medium foam (applied in warehouses of flammable liquids, where fires may appear at a small distance from the floor) and heavy foam (used for extinguishing burning liquids, such as liquid fuels and solvents).



We meet the highest standards of safety and quality as well as all the legal requirements related to gas firefighting. We hold certificate No. FGAZ-P/27/0193/16 in the following scope: “Installation and maintenance or servicing of fire-fighting protection systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases or controlled substances”. Our of concern for protecting our Clients’ property as well as the natural environment, we only use inert gases and chemical gases (e.g. FM-200 and Novec 1230). They do not have negative effects on the things located in the extinguished premises and are fully safe for the environment. We also offer carbon dioxide fire-fighting systems, but due to its properties at high concentrations, we apply it only where there are no people.

We apply fixed gas fire-fighting equipment in the buildings, in which the financial value of the things is significant and in which the continued operation of the protected equipment is important (e.g. server rooms, data processing centers, valuable archives, museum rooms and buildings).