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With the electronic anti-theft systems, we offer a broad range of supplementary consumables, such as:

  • labels and clips – highly detectable and easy to deactivate, they secure all kinds of goods from foodstuffs through textiles to industrial materials
  • deactivators and removers - mechanical, electrical or magnetic accessories for removing active security devices, i.e. clips and labels which are easy to use, may be monitored in many ways and take up the minimum amount of space at a cash register


We know that customers’ comfort and efficient customer assistance, not only proper protection of goods, are significant for effective operation of a store. That is why the systems we design are supplemented with the devices that allow store customers to freely browse through them, and allow the staff to remove them very quickly so as to maintain smooth traffic at the counters. The superb utility properties of the technologies we provide also prevent false alarms which are very disruptive for store owners.

For the store staff to be able to best use the anti-theft system and to react to alarms correctly, our specialists provide instruction and conduct training in product securing techniques - they advise which products should be secured and how.


Source Tagging

The labels we offer may be used in the form of the so-called Source Tagging, in order to be completely hidden. The system consists in placing them inside a product or packaging during the process of production or packing. The products so secured are sent to the stores, where they can be placed on the shelves right away. This lets you save time, limit personal costs related to marketing of products in stores, increase the accuracy of stock-taking and to plan sales and orders more effectively.