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Environmental protection

One of the basic signs of the business responsibility of our company is care for the natural environment. We know what we want to achieve in terms of ecology and we know how to effectively achieve those goals. In SPIE Building Solutions, the actions are set by the continuously improved Environmental Management System consistent with the following standard: ISO 14001.


Our main goals include:

  • preventing environmental pollution and emergencies,
  • implementation of only environmentally-friendly solutions,
  • selection of business partners in a conscious way,
  • sustainable development of our company,
  • raising of the ecological awareness of our employees,
  • introducing eco-technologies to our product range.


 We achieve it by undertaking a number of activities in the following two areas:

 1)      Service activities:

  • we execute projects in accordance with the legal requirements for environmental protection and while maintaining the highest quality of services provided,
  • we carefully select the producers, suppliers and subsuppliers for cooperation - we assess them in terms of their environmental effectiveness,
  • we apply substitutes for the substances that are dangerous for the environment,
  • we support our business partners in their ecological activities,
  • we suggest and implement ecological technical solutions in facilities,
  • we advise on environmental obligations,
  • we offer environmentally-friendly products, e.g. electric car charging stations.


2)      Corporate activities:

  • we limit the number of business trips, among others by organizing video conferences,
  • we monitor and minimize fuel consumption in company cars,
  • we monitor the consumption of stationery materials and eliminate the use of the raw materials that are harmful for the environment,
  • we optimize electricity consumption,
  • we train employees in environmental protection - we develop their ecological awareness and correct attitudes not only at work but also in everyday lives,
  • we use the products that are solid, of good quality and recyclable,
  • we pay special attention to waste management - we limit the amount of waste and maintain a reliable system of records and reporting in compliance with applicable provisions, we store waste in a selective and safe manner, and we hand it over to licensed entities only.